In the Indian state of Kerala, elephants are decorated during temple festivals. They wear a distinctive golden head covering called a nettipattam, which is often translated into English as an elephant caparison. These days Nettipattams/Caparisons are getting more and more acceptance as decorative item for Homes, Offices and Events. Authentic and Systematic Construction of Nettipattams/Caparisons help Creative Positive Energy to that Space


Nettipattam is an ornament used in Kerala and Tamil Nadu to decorate temple Elephants(aka:Caparison). Elephants wear it on its forehead. Nettipattam is made with Gold and Copper. It is an integral part of Kerala culture. Nettipattam and Muthukkuda are a contribution of Buddhism.[1] There are different types of Nettipattam like Chooralpoli, Nagapadam, Vendod, etc. Although it is commonly known as Nettipattam, it is called Thalaikkettu in temples


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